Storm King, Central Park New York City, & Longwood Gardens Photography – Our Personal Wanderlust Travel Diary @ East Coast Road Trip

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”


I’m so excited that my husband, Charles, and I were able to squeeze in a couple of autumn adventures in between editing and photo sessions this season. Fall is my favorite time of year to play with light — the sun takes a shallow path in the sky, which creates long gorgeous shadows — and color like ochres and reds with pops of sleepy purples and fresh greens in addition to stonework texture, which all pop this time of year. I also had a wonderful opportunity to play with in camera double exposure, which is something I haven’t done since hanging out in a subway in Moscow with my old 35mm film camera (that’s another adventure for another time!).

For our adventures along the east coast, we traveled to the Longwood Gardens to see the new fountains (yay!), and then to Storm King Arts Center in upstate NY, and then to NYC to see the Bethesda Terrace and fountain in Central Park as well as Westbeth Artist Community. I don’t want to bore you with a million pictures so here are a few fun photos that we took that really exemplified #fallonfleek during our fall east coast road trip.

PS If you want a photo session at one of these locations, just holler! I’m simply in love with each of these places and it would be a treat to go back. Hope you enjoyed our Wanderlust Travel Diary, friends.  -Celia