Perfect Beach Summer Engagement Session – Emily & Kevin @ Ocean Grove, New Jersey – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Aug 31, 2017

“Set me as a seal upon your heart.”


How should I begin to describe the perfect beach summer engagement session? It begins with Emily and Kevin — these two darling souls live life with harmony in their faith, their love, their compassion, and their virtues. Radiating with warmth, they will become your instant friends. Just add a dash of the late summer sun combined with a good ol’ fashioned Jersey Shore town straight out of a Bruce Springsteen song, and these two will create the best engagement session ever. Looking fresh and happy in the August heat and haze (that haze was craze-y!) is no easy feat, but these two were amazing at every turn. Wanting to share their favorite place with me, they took me on a tour of Ocean Grove to see the Victorian houses (you can go on your own tour here), the fun tent houses in Tent City, their favorite place to get ice cream — vanilla for Emily, chocolate for Kevin — at Day’s Ice Cream, a stop at their favorite summer church, and all of this was followed by a boardwalk session with the cutest mint bicycle I ever saw and a walk on the beach.

Emily & Kevin, thank you so much for a wonderful session! I can’t wait until your wedding day — I know it’ll be beautiful and amazing! With gratitude, -Celia

Time to take a break for Day’s Ice Cream! The ice cream wanted nothing to do with the August heat and melted super quick! This is real life, folks! Cue ice cream melting and somehow these two managed to keep their outfits spotless! After a few — okay, several — napkins later, we headed for the beach! But first, a little ring love and a quick stop at the tents. Now to the beach!Off into the sunset and the waves… Can’t wait until your wedding, Emily + Kevin!





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