Featured! Voted Top Ten Best Lifestyle Photographers in Philadelphia by Peerspace

Dec 30, 2019

Hey, hey! I’m here with my new favorite mocktail, Whole Foods Italian Strawberry Sparkling Mineral Water with a bunch of strawberries and lots of lime juice trying to edit photos like I have four arms (#livingmybestlife) when I was notified by Peerspace that I was voted one of the top ten best lifestyle photographers in Philadelphia! (Full disclosure: The feature was under my old brand name: Antrim & Spruce Photography, which is still my LLC.)

Along with some extremely talented people that I’ve been an admirer of (#localtalent). Of course, the Peerspace blog article featured a photo of the very talented Jayel Lewis and some kind words that I’m blown away by and very appreciative of:

“Celia leverages her art and communications backgrounds to create amazing content for a variety of brands and businesses. Like many photographers, she’s had a camera in her hands for much of her life — it’s her passion. That enthusiasm carries over into her work. Each image is thoughtfully crafted, and her ability to capture expressive moments makes her work feel authentic. Rich, soft colors and neutral backgrounds enhance each image’s subject, keeping the focus on you and your brand. Her talent and vision make her one of the best Philadelphia lifestyle photographers.”

Wowza! Those words are amazing to read and definitely made me have a Sally-Field-wins-her-Oscar moment (or Emily-Blunt-wins-her-SAG moment). Thank you so much, Peerspace! 


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