Welcome! You're here because photography is important to you. And I want to help you create stress-free photos and have an amazing time creating images with me. I love a candid photo and capturing the unexpected, and I love setting an intention for every photo session no matter what it is. I hope you do, too...

From my Pentax K1000 film camera that I had as a high school student to being in the dark room to scanning prints in a computer lab late at night in college, storytelling was my constant. 

Based in Philadelphia with roots in New England, I specialize in branding and lifestyle photography (think photo-journalism meets editorial). With a background in art (dork alert: I was voted Class Artist senior year of high school) and psychology, I also have my master's of science in communication management from Temple University and currently working at a nonprofit while also doing photography.  Want to know more? Read on...

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.

- ferris bueller

- paris
- edinburgh
- nYC
- london

- that trying and failing and doing it all over again is a part of the creative path.  

- vulnerability and courage go hand-in-hand to a true collaboration and creative partnership.

- being transformational is more important than being transactional.

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And, yes, it's not always easy to be in front of the camera -- I totally get it -- but when we work together, your confidence and comfort will be top priority. With more than five years of professional experience in wedding, branding, and lifestyle photography, my experience will help your images be unique and authentic to you... 

- renovating a 145-year-old rowhome with my husband of 8 years.

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- St. Petersburg
- santa ynez
- Philadelphia



- Always planning an epic trip somewhere.



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WHY SHOULD I HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER? Being intentional with imagery and understanding how to create successful images takes years of practice, countless dollars spent on technical equipment and education, and thousands of hours of working with clients to achieve the best photos possible. Hiring a photographer means you are hiring this experience, the client service before and after your photo session (not to mention digital storage for RAW images), as well as insurance, professional equipment, and more. Hiring a high-level professional whose primary goal is to get you the client service experience you want and the images you need is so valuable.

HOW MANY PHOTOS DO I GET? For branding photo sessions, the amount varies based on the level of styling that is needed, art direction that has to be given during the session, and client, location, and vendor preparedness. Clients can expect 25 to 75 images per hour.

DO I GET FULL COPYRIGHT? Clients receive the right to use images with credit, which is easy to do for social media and websites. To keep pricing accessible for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, a win-win solution is a flat hourly rate lower than the standard commercial photography hourly rate with credited images. To purchase full and complete copyright of an image for print marketing purposes to use without credit, I'm happy to create a special proposal for clients based on the standard pricing release.

HOW DO YOU EDIT THE PHOTOS? All photos are captured in full RAW format to be edited as high resolution jpegs using a 2x3 or 4x5 crop. I use Adobe Lightroom instead of Photoshop to edit photos with my own preset, and I will use a modified film-based preset depending on each situation. Heavy modifications to a client's appearance and clothing are not offered at this time. 

WHAT'S THE PROCESS & PRICING LIKE FOR A BRANDING SESSION? If you are interested in a branding photo session, we will set up a 20-minute call to see if we are a good fit -- clients who love intention and brand stories are halfway there to a successful photo session! Next, we determine the photoshoot location, length of time, and general outline. Then we have our consult to work the brand story that will be photographed and determine details of the session.  After that, we get a date on the calendar reserved to make sure we have enough time to prep. Payment prior to the photos session will be needed. Images are delivered within 3 to 4 weeks. Pricing starts at $500 for a two-hour session. Headshots are $185.

TELL ME MORE ABOUT COPYRIGHT... Anyone who creates any work of art -- be it an image or a poem -- retains the full copyright of their creative and unique work thanks to the Copyright Act of 1976.  Clients pay for the creative services of photographers and then can be granted usage rights to images. What usage rights means is clients can use images with stipulations granted by the original creator. For me, it means using images with credit is allowed. Clients cannot transfer usage rights to another person or entity. Using images without credit is not allowed unless special permission or usage rights without credit has been given / paid for. In order to keep my pricing accessible, I allow usage rights with credit -- if full copyright is needed, pricing changes to reflect that. In short, always credit and always ask if something is not clear -- I'm here to help!

WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW? With a master's of science in communication management, several years working for a university, wealth management company, hospital, and nonprofits, and five years of experience with professional photography, I bring all of this experience and education with me to help clients -- and to be more than "just a photographer." If you love to be positive, organized, and responsive, then I definitely want to chat with you to learn how I can help you.



• university of massachusetts @ amherst 
• massachusetts college of art
• university of the arts
• Temple university

• Investment Management
• healthcare
• Higher education
• nonprofits

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