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Being a wannabe air drummer, solicited advice giver, un-compromised Virgo, and Scrabble addict might add up to being a  random blogger. But, don't worry, I focus on the essentials, game-changing truths, and the pretty in this blog. Blogging since 2010, I'm here to express myself like Madonna did in the '80s... but with, you know, less musical talent and more outerwear...

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“You are the road of love and my home.” – RUMI Anniversary photography sessions exude a quiet romance, and capturing the beginning of a marriage is honor — whether it’s on the first day or the 365th day. Lauren and Grant’s one-year anniversary session was transcendent in the early morning light in Philadelphia’s Old City […]

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.” -SONG OF SOLOMON 3:4 “He noticed her eyes first, those cerulean pools of infinity. She noticed his presence, warm with quiet strength.” These words from their engagement session rang true during their wedding day as Kendra and Stephen spoke the words of everlasting love, the sun […]

“All she ever wanted was unpredictable kisses and unforgettable laughter.” -B. VILLASENOR A chance meeting one night turned into a love story through laughter and romance — and so began Jen and Bill’s story. Her effervescent nature and his quiet strength create an inimitable match that shined brighter than the early morning sun during their […]